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Coaching and Partnership Changes

Brian Joubert once again is without a coach according to a press announcement released by the French federation last week.

His former coach, Laurent Depouilly cited privacy issues as his reason for ceasing to mentor Joubert. IFS European editor, Paul Peret, reports that Joubert’s mother regrets Depouilly’s decision.

Joubert is planning to have his new short program choreographed by former World ice dance champions Albena Denkova and Maxim Stavisky. Plans for his free program are being kept under wraps. Joubert is hoping to be assigned to the Cup of China next season, as this is the only Grand Prix event he has not won.

Yannick Ponsero and Alban Prébault are planning to continue competing next season. Florent Amodio is reportedly going to spend some time in Russia to work with Nikolai Morozov. Paul Peret

American ice dancers Piper Gilles and Zach Donohue announced this month that they have ended their partnership. Gilles and Donohue won the bronze medal at both the 2008 and 2009 U.S. junior Championships, and came in third at last season’s Junior Grand Prix event in Germany.

Gilles’ brother, Todd Gilles, also announced this month that he and his ice dancing partner Jane Summersett have split. The duo have been skating together since 2007 and placed third at the 2008 Nebelhorn Trophy.

Still on the ice dance front, American ice dancers Emily Samuelson and Evan Bates recently left their coaches of 10 years and moved to train with the gold and silver Olympic medalists in Canton, Mich. The move places the four top teams in the U.S. with the same coaches.