Web Exclusive

Davis, White and Bradley Entertain Crowds at 'Ice Chips'

World-class skating stars and local aspiring champions took the ice for the 98th annual "Ice Chips" on a recent April weekend at Harvard University in Allston, Mass. The Skating Club of Boston puts on the production from which proceeds go to the Division of Sports Medicine at Children’s Hospital Boston and Project Bridge, Harvard students’ dental health program for children.

Headlining the show were the 2010 Olympic and World ice dance silver medalists Meryl Davis and Charlie White. They wowed the receptive audience with their Indian-themed original dance and their 'Billie Jean" exhibition program.

The Olympic stars were happy to be part of the historic show. “It’s got a good group of kids and a really great cast that we’re excited to work with,” said White prior to taking the ice.

Also starring in "Ice Chips" was 2010 U.S. World team member Ryan Bradley. The audience was wildly enthusiastic during his Kung Fu Fighting program. Bradley also skated a humorous piece to Baroque Era chamber music that reflected his earliest memories of Olympic Games television viewing, the 1988 Calgary Games.

“I was really into the history of figure skating,” he said. “I remember watching the Battle of the Brians and the Battle of the Carmens.”

Before the show, the arriving audience was able to watch practice sessions in which Davis and White twizzled, synchronized teams coordinated moves, and regional and sectionals medalists flew through warm-up jumps, eliciting gasps from some young children already perched in their seats.

The festive atmosphere at Harvard University’s Bright Arena was intensified by the colorful costumes worn by the club’s skaters who glided, jumped, and spun in programs that reflected through music and choreography various cultures of the world.

The cast represented many proficiency levels from beginner on up and ages from tiny children to those well into adulthood. The participants’ energy and crowd’s support bolstered the show’s “Believe in Your Dreams” theme. No doubt it succeeded in re-igniting some old dreams and inspiring some new ones.