They Said It!

Patrick Chan was recently awarded three Guinness World records for his record-breaking performances at the 2011 World Championships. When asked by a fan on Facebook why he received these awards, Chan responded with his usual good humor:

“I broke the record for being awesome, then broke it two more times.”

Many skaters posted messages of hope and remembrance on the 10th anniversary of the September 11th attacks. As usual, Alex Shibutani was one of the most eloquent voices:

“Let’s honor those who have fallen and celebrate those who still stand. My thoughts and wishes are with all the victims of 9/11.”

“I hope you skate better then you play tennis.” – ValeriBure tweeted to Todd Simpson

“I had a great time again today training with my partner. Poor guy though I’ve had the giggles for 2 days, every thing he does cracks me up!” – Anabelle Langlois

Originally published in December 2011