Yuna Kim Fever

For Korean Skating Fans

When a friend of mine moved to Korea, she emailed me asking if i knew “the ice skater that everyone over here loves.”

Of course she meant Yuna Kim, whose success has made her a superstar not only at home, but around the globe.

Some of her adoring fans are responsible for the very popular Feverskating (www. site. Though it is presented primarily in Korean, the main navigation buttons are also in English.

Unfortunately, Korean seems to be a difficult language to translate automatically, but once i figured out that Kim’s name was often showing up as “gimyeonah,” i was able to put together most of the pieces.

English- and Japanese-speaking fans will be interested in the news feeds. Place your mouse over the “SkateDiary” button, and select the menu option that appears on the left. Registration to the forum is accessed through the “Novice” menu option (top right of the site).

In any language, the energy and dedication that has been poured into Feverskating shines through the site’s many pages.

Kudos to these fans for their solid dedication!

Originally published in December 2011