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Brian Joubert Returns to the Ice

Brian Joubert was back on the ice on his home rink in Poitiers, France on Dec. 3. He glided across the surface for approximately 20 minutes and did the same light workout one day later.

Raymonde Joubert told IFS the swelling in her son’s right foot had gone down. He is back to normal, she added, thanks to daily physiotherapy and mesotherapy.

The French star, last year's World broze medalist, is expected to resume training with Laurent Depouilly today.

On Nov. 25 during a practice session at his home rink in Poitiers, Joubert injured his right foot while attempting a triple Lutz. The injury was serious enough to require surgery. Joubert pulled out of the ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final in Tokyo and underwent surgery Nov. 26, One day later, Joubert was back home.

When Joubert initially injured his foot, there was concern he might have fractured bones around his right big toe. However, the surgeon who successfully repaired the ligament found no breaks.

Joubert's participation at the French Nationals in Marseilles is still up in the air. The injury is expected to take six weeks to fully heal.

A similar injury occurred in February 2007, a few weeks before the Worlds in Tokyo, and stitches were required to repair one of his tendons. He went on to the win the global crown that year.