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Boitano's Show Gets the Green Light for Season 2

The Food Network announced today that production will begin on Season 2 of "What Would Brian Boitano Make?" in December. The show is produced by Concentric Entertainment.

Slated to premiere in early March 2010, the second season of the series will include 10 new episodes. Filmlng will be done throughout the winter and follow 1988 Olympic gold medalist Brian Boitano as he demonstrates his culinary skills and talent for one-of-a-kind entertaining in his San Francisco home. "It [features] my stomping grounds and the places I go to shop," Boitano told IFS prior to the show's Season 1 premiere in August. "Some views of the city are very San Francisco. We have not shown anything that is typical San Francisco, but I am sure that will come up."

Boitano told IFS he wanted to include an episode that featured his Italian background. "My grandmother on my father’s side was a great cook," Boitano said. "That is one of the episodes I want to do is focusing on my grandmother’s ravioli. I am trying to hunt down her recipe. No one seems to know where it is but I remember her making them and inherited her ravioli pot that she used to make them. I want to do a whole thing on my heritage."

Boitano said he slowly began enjoying cooking after he won his Olympic gold medal. "I think slowly I sort of found it in my life after the [1988] Olympics. My diet was pretty strict during the Olympics," he said. "I always wanted to do a restaurant or be involved in the food industry, and then I discovered cooking. I liked eating obviously. I just started testing different recipes and doing that kind of thing."

He describes himself as mostly a self-taught cook. "I have taken classes but nothing to write home about. The stuff for me is really trial and error, trying a certain recipe and redoing it because I think it could use something a little bit better," he explained.

Few athletes have enjoyed the artistic and popular success than Boitano has achieved since winning the gold medal for the United States at the 1988 Winter Olympics Games in Calgary, Canada. Boitano, a three-time Olympian, has won more than 50 titles and was inducted into the World Figure Skating Hall of Fame, the U.S. Figure Skating Hall of Fame, and the National Italian-American Hall of Fame.

Boitano won a primetime Emmy Award for his starring role in the HBO movie "Carmen on Ice." In 1997, he published “Boitano’s Edge: Inside the Real World of Figure Skating” (Simon & Schuster). He and fellow Olympic gold medalist Katarina Witt toured North America in three successful ice shows, and he also toured with Champions on Ice for 15 years. Boitano has provided expert commentary on skating shows for ABC, NBC and Turner. In 1995, he founded White Canvas Productions creating more than 20 specials including "The Brian Boitano Skating Spectacular," which will air Jan. 1, 2010 on NBC.

For more information on his TV series, inlcuidng videos, and recipes, visit the show's website.