Scott Hamilton Sits This One Out

Scott Hamilton

Scott Hamilton had planned to perform on the 2011 Stars on Ice tour, but ill health has forced him to the sidelines.

“I am not going to skate on the tour, unfortunately. I wanted to, but I have had way too many health issues this year,” he explained. “My summer was a brutal medical nightmare that did not end until September, when the doctors were finally able to solve my problems.”

Hamilton said that from April 1 through Sept. 4 he had 10 operations.

“First I had shoulder surgery. Then my brain tumor came back, and it had to be removed surgically. The first surgery had complications that became even more complicated,” he said. “They had to figure out how they could fix the problem, and it took them until September to know that it was fixed.

“The problems took me off the ice and out of all physical activity. I was under anesthesia and out cold four times this year. That is a lot medically, chemically, biologically to get past, so I had to say: ‘Well, sorry guys, but I cannot do this tour.’

“It would have been amazing fun to skate with Kurt and Katia and others I have toured with in the past and to tour with some for the first time. That would have been a blast, but physically it is not possible,” he said
with regret.

“But I will have a presence. I will go to a few cities in the U.S. and possibly the final show.”

Originally published in February 2011