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Stéphane Lambiel Returns to Competition

Swiss star Stéphane Lambiel is chasing a third trip to the Olympic Winter Games. After removing himself from the sport in 2008 because of recurring injuries, the talented athlete is giving it one more shot.

His first competition will be Nebelhorn Trophy in Obertsdorf, Germany Sep. 23-26, where he will attempt to earn an Olympic berth for Switzerland. The Nebelhorn Trophy is the designated competition set by the International Skating Union to fill the remaining berths at the XXI Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver.

Lambiel spoke about his desire to return to competition while in Korea for the “Ice All Stars 2009” shows in mid-August. “My goal is to compete at the Olympics in Vancouver but we don’t have a spot yet so next month I will try to qualify a spot for Switzerland,” Lambiel said at the pre-event press conference.

“The reason I am coming back is because I feel healthy, more healthy than one year ago. Last summer when I was practicing I could only skate two or three days a week and then I had to do a lot of physio afterwards. Right now I feel my injury is getting better.”

The two-time World champion (2005-06) stepped away from skating for two months earlier this year to consider his options. “I had to think about my future, to see if it is good for my body to charge that much,” he said. “I started skating again because I really wanted to skate and do shows. The ice is my space; I love skating, I love crowds and I love competition too.

“After a lot of treatment and physio I began to feel much better. I really want to go through the process of competing at the Olympics – because for me and a lot of other athletes, it is the best event, it is incredible. All the family of sport are there and I just want to compete one more time.”