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Yu-Na Kim On Track

Korea’s darling of figure skating, Yu-Na Kim, is sticking to her own game plan this season said coach Brian Orser. “We have our own agenda. Yu-Na just naturally just takes on the challenges of skating technically and artistically and we learned a lot from last season,” he said. “I know that Yu-Na is always looking forward and not concerning herself with her contenders. We just focus on the job that she needs to do.”

Kim is excited about the two new programs choreographer David Wilson created for her. “I think my new short program is not a typical program in figure skating,” she said. “When I first heard the music I asked myself, ‘can I really do it?’

“But after practicing it for a while I found it challenging but manageable and I gained confidence that I can really do it. I think it will show how much effort I have put into mastering it. The program is really dynamic and I can show many different sides of myself.”