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Skate Asia 2010 is Slated for Aug. 8; World Expo Will Be Held in Nearby Shanghai in May 2010

China Resources Sun Hung Kai Properties Hangzhou, Ltd will host Skate Asia 2010. The competition begins Aug. 8. The company is the developer of the MIXC complex in the new central business district of Hangzhou, China, and owners/operators of the new World Ice Arena Hangzhou.

The new arena is 31m by 60m and is located centrally in a luxury mall that faces the elegant buildings of the business district of the city.

The competition directors will be Paul Wong and Indy Wong. "They are extremely experienced at competition organization," said IFS Asian editor Ted Wilson who works at the new facility. "For those of you who attended our event in 2006 in Shenzhen, we assure you that the quality of the event will be as good."

Hangzhou is one of the top 10 tourist cities in China and is an ancient capital. The centerpiece of the city is the beautiful Westlake, which is surrounded by elegant parks, museums, tea houses, mansions and some of the city's finest hotels.

Getting to Hangzhou is relatively easy with direct flights from Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Seoul, Osaka and Shenzhen and all major Chinese cities.

An added incentive to visit is the World Expo that will begin in Shanghai in May 2010 and is only 70 minutes away by bullet train from Hangzhou. This is the first World's Fair to be held anywhere on the planet in many years and will be a must-see event.