They Said It!

Quotes from Your Favorite Skaters

Zachary Donohue and Madison Hubbell

Madison Hubbell and Zach Donohue made their Grand Prix debut at Skate America back in October, and drew kudos from audience and media alike for their sexy rhumba short dance.

Donohue gave most of the credit to his curvaceous partner. “There is definitely no other like Madison on the ice. She brings her own brand of sexy, and it makes my job a lot easier.”

After his cowboy-themed free skate at Skate America, silver medalist Richard Dornbush described his performance in character.

“Well, sir, I just wanted to play some poker and hang out at the casino, but I had a big responsibility to rustle up some cattle instead. I’d say I did my duty, so now I’m gonna go relax, partner.”

“Getting ready to hit up the gym and sexify myself for tonight’s show,” Jeremy Barrett on keeping himself in shape for performing in shows.

“Resurfaced my own ice for practice. Does that make it sweeter?” Mark Ladwig.

Not sure about that, Mark, but apparently American pairs skater Tiffany Vise’s coffee is sweeter—to her cat, at least.

“So my cat loves coffee. I’m sitting on the computer, then I hear this slurping sound, and my cat is drinking my coffee. Now I have to type with one hand and hold the mug in the other to keep it away, but now he is trying to take his paw and grab it from me. LOL. Funny cat.”

Piper Gilles doesn’t seem to be having any problems finding friends at her new training location in Toronto.

“When I grow up, I want to be Asher Hill so that I can be black and booty shake.”

Hill responded: “Perfect.” But it could have been his previous comment that inspired Gilles’ post.

“If I had a pony, I would name it Piper Gilles.”

“After Europeans last year when I didn’t win a medal even though I was one of the only skaters to skate clean, I wanted revenge. So I came back for one more season, and will retire after the European Championships in January.” Kevin van der Perren

And finally, we turn to the always-entertaining Alex Shibutani for this dose of wisdom.

“Remember… the only thing to fear is fear itself. Also, heights, the dark, men with chainsaws, and everything else.”

Originally published in February 2012