Johnny Weir Has a Change of Heart

Returns to the Competitive Ranks

Jay Adeff
Johnny Weir

Johnny Weir announced in late January that he plans to make a comeback to competition. “I want to give it one last go for myself and for the people who support me, my fans and just try and do something different and special,” Weir explained during an exclusive interview with IFS.

Aside from performing in shows all over the world, Weir has been busy with a number of other ventures. But at some point last year he realized that he missed competitive skating. “I have enjoyed a very high life I guess you could say. I had opportunities to do all kinds of celebrity style things that I never thought would be in my future,” he said.

Weir attended the U.S. nationals in late January. “I was doing different appearances for U.S. figure skating on a makeshift ice rink in the middle of San Jose, skating around with kids and meeting fans that had won contests and things like that,” he said.

“Just basically getting my face back out there in the skating world since I have been travelling pretty much in celebrity and fashion circles lately.”

He has returned to work with his former coaching team, Galina Zmievskaya, Viktor Petrenko and Nina Petrenko.

Originally published in February 2012