Jason Brown Strikes Canadian Gold

Susan D. Russell
Jason Brown

It has been a season America’s Jason Brown will never forget. From the outset, the rising star was on a mission to earn a berth at the Junior Grand Prix Final after falling short last season.

Brown won his first Grand Prix event in Brisbane, Australia and claimed silver at his second assignment in Milan, Italy.

But despite those victories, skating away with the gold medal in Québec City was not on this young man’s radar. “I am speechless. My goal this season was just to make it to the Final, and now this,” Brown said shortly after his victory.

The 17-year-old claimed the title without including a triple Axel or quad in either of his programs. But his solid components and skating skills — which highlighted his flowing style, interesting transitions and innovative choreography (crafted by Rohene Ward and Rob Peal) — were the best of the competition.

Brown’s strong technical elements, including a Boitano Lutz and fast spins, earned him more than 200 points overall and a standing ovation. “I also got a standing ovation at U.S. nationals last year, where I finished ninth at the senior level. It’s a great feeling,” he said.

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Originally published in April 2012