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The Best of Britain: Karen Barber and Nicky Slater

British ice dancing was at its zenith in 1984, with two teams ranked top five in the World. But both teams could not have been more different.

While Torvill and Dean danced to victory with Ravel's "Bolero," the number two couple, Karen Barber and Nicky Slater, hammed and cheesed it up with orchestral selections composed by Charlie Chaplin. Slater truly was "The Little Tramp" to Barber's smitten love interest.

Experts at mime, their on-ice connection highlighted by a fun program captured the audience at Worlds in Ottawa who gave them a well-deserved standing ovation.

A Five Foot Force of Nature

Before the Nancy Kerrigan debacle hit global headlines in 1994, Tonya Harding was one of the most respected athletic skaters the sport had ever produced. Her strength was unparalleled in her era.

A sketchy work ethic often produced mixed results, but on this day Harding laid down a performance that would stand up under scrutiny even today.

Her opening triple Axel immediately followed by a triple Lutz were things of beauty.

She generated great speed with a few simple crossovers, and if her jumps looked enormous on television they were even bigger in real life. Though triple jumps were her forte, Harding was also a master of deep edges and blinding spins.

This powerful program, which includes music to the soundtrack of "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves" was choreographed by Barbara Flowers (who also designed programs for Rosalynn Sumners, the 1983 World Champion).