Florent Amodio Spins Onto the Big Screen

Tim Aspert
Florent Amodio

Florent Amodio spent part of the off-season on a movie set.

“Programme Libre,” tells the story of a young figure skater (Gauthier, portrayed by Amodio), who must decide how much of his life he is willing to devote to the sport. After leaving home to further his training, he is caught between the life of an athlete and the life of a normal teenager.

The plot includes conflicts between Gauthier and his father (who does not want his son to be a figure skater), and Gauthier and his coach (who does not understand his pupil’s artistic choices).

Sounds a little like typecasting, right? Of course, the showmanship that Amodio has on the ice is perfect for the big screen, making him a natural choice for a film about a rising figure skating star. And with Amodio, the director had no need to find a stunt double for the skating scenes.

“Programme Libre,” directed by Vianney Etossé, stars Marie Beraud, Xavier de Guillebon and Jean Corso. It is currently in post-production and will be showcased at international film festivals in the upcoming months.

European editor Paul Peret has an exclusive interview with Amodio in the upcoming issue of IFS. Stay tuned!