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Susan D. Russell
Elvis Stojko

Elvis Stojko - Enter The Dragon
1994 World Championships Free Skate

Quick and muscular, Canada's Elvis Stojko made his mark in skating right off the bat.

At his first senior nationals, the then 17-year old stole the show (and almost the title) from the defending and 1989 World champion, Kurt Browning. Therein began a rivalry that kept Canadian fans glued to their televisions every time the two faced off.

With a strong interest in martial arts, Stojko debuted a radically different program in the 1994 season. Paying tribute to his hero, Elvis skated to the iconic motion picture soundtrack from "Dragon," based on the life of Bruce Lee.

Using elements transplanted from martial arts to the ice, Stojko defeated Browning at the 1994 Olympic trials in Edmonton, Alberta. Shortly thereafter, he claimed Olympic silver behind Russia’s, Alexei Urmanov.

A massive hit with a capacity audience at the World Championships a month later in Chiba, Japan, Stojko's free program included karate-inspired choreography, as well as his trademark jumps and fancy footwork.

Caryn Kadavy - 1987 Free Skate

Legendary coach Carlo Fassi spotted America's Caryn Kadavy at a sectional competition and offered to train her. Under his tutelage, she quickly rose to prominence.

Making her national debut at the 1985 U.S. Championships in Kansas City, Kadavy placed a surprise third behind the favourites, Tiffany Chin and Debi Thomas. Caryn's soft balletic style, combined with complex spins and smooth jumps, was immediately appreciated by both the judges and audiences alike.

Later that year, in her first international season, she won Skate Canada and the prestigious Prize of Moscow News where Kadavy defeated many experienced veterans including two Canadians, Elizabeth Manley and Tracey Wainman.

At the 1987 World Championships, Kadavy was in a virtual tie with the leaders heading into the free skate. In the final flight she was scheduled to skate before her compatriot, Thomas, and East Germany's powerhouse, Katarina Witt.

Knowing their shared reputations as fierce competitors, and after a tentative short program at nationals that almost cost her a place on the World team, Caryn knew she couldn't afford to hold back.

Skating to a selection of Spanish music including Rodrigo's moving "Concierto de Aranjuez," Kadavy performed with elegance and passion which brought the audience to its feet and Kadavy to tears. She took home the bronze medal.