Kiira Korpi Back on Track

Elina Paasonen
Kiira Korpi

Elina Paasonen caught up with Kiira Korpi this morning at the airport as Korpi was waiting to board her flight to South Korea.

"Kiira is finally healthy and able to practice full blast. She has done a lot of physical therapy, pilates, small exercises, etc. to get her body in balance," Paasonen said. "She looked really sunny and relieved – injuries are no longer a problem.

"Kiira mentioned many times that she had so much fun in Toronto this spring and summer."

Korpi has two new programs ready to go. Shae-Lynn Bourne did the free before she gave birth. The music is from the movie "Once Upon a Time in America."

"It's a program of a strong woman. Lot's of drama and softness as well," Korpi explained.

David Wilson choreographed the short to Debussy's "The Girl with the Flaxen Hair. "It suits me well. I cannot dye my hair," Korpi said with a laugh.

She will perform the short at "All that Skate" as well as a new exhibition routine.

On another note, I recently saw the Rockettes new free program. It will be superb!