2013 Junior and Senior World Championships

Event and Online/TV Schedules

Susan D. Russell
Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir

Junior Worlds Event Schedule - Milan, Italy (+ 6 hours EST)):

Wed. Feb. 27
11:30 Short Dance
17:30 Opening Ceremony
18:15 Pairs Short

Thur. Feb. 28
11:30 Men's Short
19:00 Pairs Free

Fri. March 1
10:45 Ladies Short
18:45 Free Dance

Sat. March 2
13:00 Men's Free
18:30 Ladies Free

Sun. March 3
14:30 Exhibition Gala

Senior Worlds Event Schedule - London, Canada:

Wed. Mar. 13
1100 Pairs Short
15:45 Opening on Ice/Men’s Short

Thur. March 14
10:30 Ladies Short
17:15 Short Dance

Fri. March 15
11:45 Pairs Free /Victory Ceremony
17:45 Men Free/Victory Ceremony

Sat. March 16
14:30 Ice Dance Free/Victory Ceremony
19:00 Ladies Free/Victory Ceremony

Sun. March 17
14:00 Exhibition Gala

There is no TV schedule available for Universal Sports as of today.

CBC Television Schedule for Junior Worlds and the World Championships (click on, CBC Television and Bold to see all of the schedules):
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Online viewing options for Junior Worlds:

German Eursport2
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