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You be the judge.

Prior to the pairs event at the the 19th Olympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City, two couples were considered co-favorites for gold.

Skating immediately before their rivals in the final, Berezhnaya and Sikharulidze performed an intricate routine to Massenet's "Meditation." Sikharulidze stumbled out of a double Axel in sequence, and the team made several other minor errors. Their mistakes however, didn't disrupt the flow of the routine enough for them to be penalized.

For most of the season, Sale and Pelletier performed a challenging routine to "Adagio Sostenuto" by Rachmaninoff. Though choreographically difficult in its own right, the Canadians' performance lacked their trademark chemistry.

They returned to their "Love Story" routine. Their free skating performance that night brought the cheering crowd to its feet with a perfect skate. While most thought Sale and Pelletier had won by a landslide, when the scores flashed up, the Canadians had actually lost to a 5 to 4 judging split.

Berezhnaya and Sikharulidze:

Sale and Pelletier: