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Fun Quotes From Last Season

Susan D. Russell
Mao Asada

©IFS - Originally published in the May/June 2014 IFS issue

“After finishing the season, I could truly say figure skating is wonderful.” Mao Asada

“He can do everything. He can skate very well, he feels the music, and he jumps well—when he jumps.” World junior silver medalist Adian Pitkeev on his idol, Patrick Chan

“I gave up on points and placement and medals. They are not important this year. This is my last competition, and it is only about performing and being happy.” Tomáš Verner

“I think this is my biggest jump in competition. I don’t remember any others.” Nathan Chen, on rising from sixth to third at the World Junior Championships.

“I like being at competitions where there are many people. I like to talk to foreigners. My English is not that great, so I can practice with them. I can meet many interesting people and make new friends.” Evgenia Medvedeva, World junior bronze medalist

“I had a lemon latte at Starbucks. I was hoping for a cherry blossom latte, but apparently they have stopped making them, which means we have to come back to Japan earlier in March.” Meagan Duhamel

“You won 20 years ago? You’re old!” Jeremy Abbott, to his coach, Yuka Sato, who won the World title in 1994.

“You forget these things. It’s a full cycle.” Yuka Sato

“One competition, it’s lovely skating, one competition its lovely jumps. I have to work on putting the package together and getting better programs for next season.” Gracie Gold

“It was the last time we are skating in a competition. Our coach told us to skate from our hearts.” Fabian Bourzat

“The most important thing for me is that I don’t have to wake up thinking about ice skating anymore.” Nathalie Péchalat, on her retirement

“I think this is my chance to get a medal.” Tatsuki Machida, after winning the short program in Saitama

“Everything that could have gone wrong this season went wrong.” Ashley Wagner

“Most awkward moment: being awarded the bronze medal initially.” Kaitlyn Weaver, World silver medalist in ice dance

“My body does not allow these difficult jumps and some other elements anymore. Sometimes, I feel like a wet sack of garbage.” Robin Szolkowy, on why he retired

“I feel young enough to continue. I want to become Olympic champion in 2018, and I will be successful with Bruno Massot.” Aliona Savchenko

“Honestly, I thought we would remain a pair. I did not expect that we would split, but Yuri so decided. This season was a failure, but to blame it all on me does not seem quite right.” Vera Bazarova on her split with Yuri Larionov

“The energy in the rink in Saitama was incredible. The Japanese fans just make you want to compete. They are truly remarkable people.” Piper Gilles

“I am very glad that I was able to skate my heart out until the very end.” Akiko Suzuki

“Aliona wanted a taller partner who would throw her higher and farther and try things that nobody has done before.” Bruno Massot, on his pairing with Aliona Savchenko

“Sleep.” What Julia Lipnitskaia would do if she had a day off

Never be afraid to try something new. Remember, amateurs built the ark. Professionals built the Titanic.

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