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Charges Dropped In Grishuk Case

Charges against James R. Halstead, who was scheduled to be arraigned today in the alleged drugging of Olympic gold medalist Oksana Grishuk, have been dropped.

Orange County (Calif.) prosecutors announced that they did not have enough evidence to proceed with the case.

Grishuk, 36, who won two Olympic gold medals for Russia with partner Evgeny Platov in the 1990s, told investigators in April that she had been drugged during a business meeting with a business partner at the St. Regis Monarch Beach hotel in Dana Point. She discovered the pill at the bottom of her glass and said she began to feel ill.

Tests determined that the pill in the glass was similar to Rohypnol, commonly used as a date-rape drug, Amormino said.

Michael Molfetta, Halstead's defense attorney, said his client -- who is married -- and Grishuk had a romantic affair.

Grishuk has denied a romantic relationship with Halstead. "I am very disappointed that the DA has decided not to proceed with the criminal charges that he filed. ... I appreciated the efforts of law enforsement in investigating this case. ... The allegation that I had a romantic intimate relationship with the suspect is not true. It was solely a business and social relationship," Grishuk said in a written statement she sent to IFS.

Famed attorney Gloria Allred is representing Grishuk. Allred expressed dismay at today's developments.

An arrest warrant issued on May 23 for Halstead, 61, was for one felony count of giving a narcotic, anesthetic and an intoxicating agent to an unwitting woman.

Grishuk was taken to the hospital on the evening of April 12 following the discovery of a pill at the bottom of her drink.

Grishuk lives in Orange County, Calif. with her 5-year-old daughter.