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Staviski's Suspended Sentence Upheld

In early May, the appellate court in Bulgaria's city of Burgas upheld the suspended sentence given to two-time World ice skating champion Maxim Staviski, according to the Sofia News Agency, Novinite.com.

Last August Staviski was involved in a fatal car crash. He was later arrested and charged with involuntary manslaughter and aggravated bodily harm.

In February, Staviski was given a 2.5-year suspended sentence and five years probation. The prosecution appealed the sentence, seeking imprisonment.

The parents of Manuela Gorsova and the family of the late Petar Petrov filed appeals of civil suits against Staviski. The teenager suffered severe injuries in the crash and is in a coma while Petrov died in the Aug. 5, 2007 motor vehicle collision.

The civil claim filed by Gorsova's family sought damages of BGN 2 million. The court ruled the Staviski must pay the girl’s family BGN 80,000 compensation. The ruling was upheld in May.

The compensation demanded by the family of Petrov for BGN 500,000 was instead set at BGN 180,000. That ruling too was upheld.

Staviski, who skates with Albena Denkova, won ice dance gold medals at the World Championships in 2006 and 2007. He could have received a sentence of up to 10 years in prison.

At the scene of the Aug. 5 crash, police gave Staviski an alcohol breath test, which he failed. Staviski had a blood alcohol concentration of 1.1 g/1000ml. The legal limit in Bulgaria is 0.5.

Staviski was driving a Hummer, a gift from a Sofia automobile dealer, when the crash occurred on the road that connects the Black Sea towns of Sozopol and Tsarevo. He allegedly was speeding when he veered into traffic in the other lane, reportedly causing the accident.

The Bulgarian dancer’s vehicle collided with a Honda Civic, which was then struck by an Audi. The driver of the Honda, Petrov, 24, was pronounced dead at the hospital. Gorsova was in the front passenger seat of Pertov’s car and suffered a fractured skull. Two other people, including Petrov's younger brother, were also injured in the crash.

Petar Petrov was to be married in October of 2007.

Denkova and Staviski have not skated competitively since the 2006-07 season. They were given ISU Grand Prix assignments in 2007 but withdrew from their assignments.

The two have been skating in show sand tours. Most recently they were on the roster for Ilya Averbukh and Ice Symphony’s “Ice Age,” which was held in Atlantic City Boardwalk Hall, N.J. last weekend.