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Staviski Receives Suspended Sentence

Maxim Staviski, who was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter and aggravated bodily harm, has been sentenced.

The Sofia News Agency novinite.com has reported that Staviski was given a 2.5-year suspended sentence and five years probation for causing the crash that claimed the life of Petar Petrov and seriously injured Manuela Gorsova. In civil judgments, Staviski was ordered to pay the family of Petrov BGN 180,000 and the family of Gorsova BGN 80,000 (the damages totaled U.S. $127,000).

The father of Grossova said he will appeal Staviski's sentence before the court. The prosecution also said it would appeal Staviski’s verdict, demanding an effective sentence.

Attempts to reach Staviski and Albena Denkova, Staviski's on- and off-ice partner, have been unsuccessful.

The Bulgarian figure skating federation, of which Denkova is the president, withdrew the two-time World ice dance team from the ISU Grand Prix Series this fall. It is unclear when, if ever, they plan to return competition.