Green Light for “Be Good Johnny Weir”

Welcome to My World by Johnny Weir

Logo, an MTV Networks cable channel, gave the green light for the return of Johnny Weir’s reality television show to the airwaves in 2011. In season one, “Be Good Johnny Weir” chronicled Weir’s journey leading up to the 2010 Olympic Winter Games. The show which originally aired on the Sundance Channel is slated for a re-run on Logo this winter.

A new season will air in the summer, which will likely foll-ow Weir’s recent forays into the entertainment world.

Season one’s entertaining episodes provided an intrig-uing backstage look into the life of an elite skater. Season two sounds like it will cater more to Weir’s ardent supporters, who have multiplied since Vancouver.

The show will probably cover some of his on-ice appearances and his tenure as a judge on “Skating with the Stars,” but overall, I expect less ice time and more emphasis on what he wears in each episode.

Television is not the only avenue that Weir has pursued in 2011. His first single, “Dirty Love,” has a catchy dance beat and relies heavily on electronic production. It was released on January 11, along with his memoir entitled “Welcome to My World.”

Originally published in April 2011