New Era for IFS

Have you ever wanted a captive, focused audience that would hang on every word of your recap of highlights from your latest skating adventure, be it a trip to a Worlds, nationals, a Grand Prix event or Four Continents?

Would you like to share your photos from a competition or a show with other fans who are actually interested in looking at every shot?
You can have all this and more at the innovative, redesigned International Figure Skating (IFS) website (, which was launched in mid-March.

One of the great features of the new IFS website is the Community section. Once you sign up, you can post articles and photos. It is like a blog with a pre-targeted audience, so instead of your original skating content floundering in cyberspace at the mercy of search engines, it is already part of a vibrant skating community.

I would have loved to have had an outlet like this when I first started writing about skating, instead of boring my friends — who, for the most part, could not identify one element from another — with Grand Prix predictions.

Beyond the community aspect, the vibrant new website features a clean design with easy navigation. The layout places the spotlight on IFS articles and photos, which are posted and organized into the same categories as in the print magazine — Features, Short Program, Inner Loop, etc.

In fact, the article you are now reading in print will also be available on the website once the issue hits the newsstands.

The Skaters tab offers an endless resource to athletes, both elite and up-and-coming. You can search for any skater you like and if you do not find a record, you can add an entry yourself. If you search for a popular skater, like the 2010 Olympic champion Yu-Na Kim, you’ll find a record of all the articles that mention Kim, a brief profile, and exclusive IFS photos.

While the site is already loaded with information and features, the best part of the redesign is that the potential is limitless. With exclusive content from the IFS team and contributions from those in the international community, this site is destined to become the place to go for all things skating.

Originally published in June 2011