Johnny Weir’s World

Still riding the wave of success after his mainstream popularity skyrocketed following the 2010 Olympic Games, Johnny Weir released his memoir on Jan. 11.

“Welcome to My World” is life as Weir sees it, laced with a touch of the trademark attitude that has won him a legion of fans around the globe. In the book, he claims that he does not see himself as a celebrity, but with a memoir, a dance single, a DVD, a reality series and appearances at Fashion Week, his résumé indicates otherwise.

The book focuses on his skating career and primarily follows a chronological path to Vancouver. Beyond the attitude are moments of blatant honesty. Weir admits that he lied to avoid skating in certain competitions, and that an inebriated handstand contest with one of his chief rivals was the true cause of a sprained ankle.

Though candid, overall I found it predictable. It was just what I expected from Weir, based on sound bites and interviews he conducted during his career. In a memoir, I always hope to see a fresh perspective or an area of new vulnerability that gives the author an extra layer of authenticity.

If you are a die-hard Weir fan, you already have this, right? Maybe you even saw him on his book tour and got it signed. For the rest of the skating fans, it is worth a read, but if you do not absolutely have to own every skating book published, borrow it instead of making it part of a permanent collection.

Originally published in June 2011