Japanese Figure Skating News Briefs

Daisuke Takahashi and Mao Asada appeared as guests at a Japanese Olympic
 Charity Concert held in Tokyo on June 12.

Takahashi and Asada talked about the concern conveyed to them from fans and other 
skaters at the World Championships in Moscow, 
and expressed their wish to support the people of the afflicted areas by
 continuing to skate in charity shows.

An orchestra played the Olympic anthem and other related music including
 Nino Rota's "La Strada," (Takahashi’s free skating music from the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver).

I attended the concert and both skaters seemed to be in good spirits.

Mao Asada revealed that she has returned from Moscow after completing the choreography for her new short 
program. "I've only just begun preparing. I have belief that this season is
 going to be better than the last season," she said.

Here is the photo she posted on her official blog during her stay in Moscow.

Akiko Suzuki returned to Japan after spending almost a month in Detroit.
 She revealed on her official blog that one of her new programs was 
choreographed by Anjelika Krylova,
 the 1998 Olympic ice dance silver medalist and two-time World champion.

And as you probably already know already, a fan posted a video of Midori Ito's 
 at the ISU Adult Figure Skating Competition in early June on Youtube at