Patrick Chan Quite Simply

Susan D. Russell
Patrick Chan

Patrick Chan's official website ( was given a makeover after the 2011 World Championships. His new title is proclaimed in a simple, block-lettered heading.

The streamlined design in red and black is easy to navigate, but for me, it is a little oversimplified. i would like to see something splashier for the reigning World Champion.

A large photo of Chan presenting his gold medal from Worlds is prominently featured on the main page, but it sits below the headline. As a result, getting to it requires a lot of scrolls, which to me is an awkward design choice.

But the site excels in content once you navigate beyond the main page regular updates keep viewers informed of his activities, including competitions, charity appearances, endorsements and more.

The photo gallery is also kept up-to-date. Overall, the site is everything that a die-hard chan fan would be looking for, but it could use a little spark to reflect Chan’s sunny personality.

Originally published in October 2011