Takahiko Kozuka Online

Takahiko Kozuka

A NEW OFFICIAL SITE for Japan’s Takahiko Kozuka, the runner-up to Patrick Chan at the 2011 World Championships, was launched shortly after his success in Moscow (t-kozuka. com). While the text is in Japanese, English speakers can review the menu and view the photos.

The site is easy to navigate, but unlike Chan’s, it has some sparkle. The starry blue background design is a nice touch.

The blog features some fun, behind-the-scenes moments from recent shows. if Kozuka continues to post what he is doing, fans around the world will all be able to follow his adventures.

Another option for English-speaking fans who want more information about the rising Japanese star, is a well-established bilingual site that can help fill in the gaps. “Go! Takahiko!” ( (in both Japanese and english) has had more than one million hits since 2006.

it is fairly current, but news updates trickle in at a slower pace than in the past. The fan board is the place to go for the latest information, but this portion of the site is unfortunately only in Japanese.

Results date back to Kozuka’s first season at the novice level (1998-99), and the photo gallery is modest, but it features some adorable oldies.

Originally published in October 2011