Davison on the Mend

Bryce Davison and Jessica Dubé

Bryce Davison and partner Jessica Dubé, the three-time Canadian pairs champions, are out of the pairs picture for this season following the most serious injury of Davison’s career.

The 24-year-old from Huntsville, Ont., had surgery on his right knee on Oct. 26, just days before he and Dubé were set to make their season debut at Skate Canada.

Davison’s injury happened in relatively innocent fashion — while attempting a single loop during a training session. A 3-centimeter piece of bone that had broken off his femur dislodged in Davison’s knee joint, causing severe pain. He was unable to straighten his knee.

Since then, Davison has been recuperating at his parents’ home. His recovery process is expected to last until the spring.

“I still have another two months before I can start putting weight on my right leg,” Davison said in mid-November. “The initial prognosis was that three months after the surgery date I’ll have another two or three months of rehab to make sure the muscles around the knee have rebuilt and the knee joint is fine before I can actually get back on the ice. That will probably not be until March at the earliest.”

While Davison has come to terms with the fact he’s facing a lengthy recovery process, the thought of retirement hasn’t entered his mind.

“I haven’t really thought about hanging it up,” he said. “Because it’s a bone, it takes a lot longer to heal. There have already been some frustrations, and because I’m just fresh into the recovery process, I know there will probably be more. I just have to be really patient to not re-injure it.”

Dubé will return to singles skating for the first time in two years, with the intent of qualifying for the Canadian Championships in 2011.

“Doing singles this year makes me work for something,” said Dubé, 23, of St-Cyrille-de-Wendover, Que. “I don’t have a goal set right now, but it makes me work and keeps me moving forward. I think it’s really going to help when Bryce gets back. I’m still going to have that competitive edge.”

Originally published in February 2011