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Hangzhou To Host 2010 Skate Asia

The 2010 Skate Asia competition will be held in the beautiful city of Hangzhou, Aug. 8-15.

Hangzhou, a former ancient capital of China, is situated on the country’s east coast and has a history that dates back more than 8,000 years. With its myriad of art and culture, the city is now one of China's 10 most popular tourist destinations.

The competition will celebrate its 21st year at the new World Ice Arena located inside at a luxury mall owned and operated by China Resources Sun Hunk Kai. It is the second time the company has hosted this event, the first being in 2006.

Competition directors Paul Wong and Indy Wong report that 607 skaters are registered to participate and more than 2000 people including skaters, coaches and family members are expected to attend the weeklong recreational skating event.

Referees for Skate Asia include ISI and PSA master rated coaches Margy Bennett, Jean Albrightson, Cindy Solberg, Jenise Jenson, Gerry Lane and Debbie Lane.

PSA's Executive Director Jimmy Santee and Kelly Adaire are also expected to attend to discuss setting up an Asian division of PSA with Ted Wilson, the director of the World Ice Arena and founder of ISI Asia.

Nathan Chen, the 2010 U.S. novice champion, who has become a hit in Hangzhou following his performances in the Wiwa shows in April, will perform in the two exhibition galas.