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02/24/13  •  INSIDE EDGE

News & Views - What's Hot and What's Not

“The Fabulous Ice Age,” All About the Kids, Jersey Flop, Worlds Alert and much more… Read more...›


08/29/12  •  INSIDE EDGE

News, Business and Connections

Skate Canada inked a diamond deal with European jeweller; Harvard's "Evening on Ice" and "Ice Champions LIVE!;" Skate Detroit helping the homeless; "Skate For Hope" soars to new heights; Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir about to hit the small screen; keeping...


07/16/12  •  FEATURES

Florent Amodio Spins Onto the Big Screen

Florent Amodio spent part of the off-season on a movie set. “Programme Libre,” tells the story of a young figure skater (Gauthier, portrayed by Amodio), who must decide how much of his life he is willing to devote to the sport. After leaving home to further...


07/11/12  •  INSIDE EDGE

US Athletic Foundation: A Gala Evening With a Possible Twist;

The US Athletic Foundation’s second annual show, “An Evening on Ice,” is scheduled for July 21 at the Toyota Sports Center in El Segundo, Calif. Cast members include Joannie Rochette, Kimmie Meissner, Adam Rippon, Caydee Denney and John Coughlin, Mary Beth...

07/05/12  •  INSIDE EDGE

Johnny Weir, Narumi Takahashi, Elena Ilinykh and Nikita Katsalapov, Kristi Yamaguchi, upcoming charity shows, reviews and connections.

Benefit for US Athletic Foundation The US athletic Foundation’s second annual gala, “An Evening on Ice,” is scheduled to take place July 21 at the Toyota Sports Center in El Segundo, Calif. Stellar Lineup for Mariposa Gala The 23rd annual “Mariposa Charity...


05/14/12  •  Connections

Maia and Alex Shibutani Unveil New Website

Last Year I commended Maia Shibutani and Alex Shibutani on their Facebook page, where they offered frequent updates and photos from competitions. In March of this year, they launched a new website ( that offers a more professional look into...


05/08/12  •  Articles

Skate For Hope: Making a Difference

In the ever evolving skating world, benefit shows come and go. “Skate for hope,” however, is one with an impressive history that has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for breast cancer research. Now in its ninth season, this year’s gala will take place...



Jeremy Abbott and Michal Březina - Fan Faves

Abbott Attracts Global Fans Jeremy Abbott has been a popular guy on the Internet for years. Even before he won a senior national title, his official fan club, called “Pigs Can Fly,” had a website. Although the site closed down at the end of 2010, the splash...



Meryl Davis and Charlie White Socially Connected;

Meryl Davis and Charlie White reached a pinnacle when they won the 2011 World title, but they were already champions when it came to their online personas. With a Facebook page, Twitter accounts and an informative official website, Davis and White easily...



Lucinda Ruh: "Frozen Teardrop"

Known as one of the most incredible spinners the skating world has ever seen, Lucinda Ruh released her autobiography in Nov. 2011. The book provides a personal insight into a lifetime of struggles that transcends Ruh’s delicate artistry and spins. In “Frozen...



Midori Ito Autobiography

Finally! A book on Japanese icon Midori Ito has been published. Unfortunately for English-speaking fans it is currently only available in Japanese. But that could change if there is sufficient demand. Read more...›



Peggy Fleming Honored

Peggy Fleming Honored It was a memorable evening for American icon Peggy Fleming at the “Caesars Tribute II: A Salute to the Ladies of Skating” in early December, where she was honored for her achievements both on and off the ice. Read more...›



David Pelletier and Tessa Bonhomme Win Battle of the Blades

The premiere of Canada’s popular series “Battle of the Blades” was only a few weeks away when the cast and crew suffered a major setback with the sudden death of former NHL player Wade Belak. The hockey star was found dead in his Toronto hotel suite on the...


Love Story on Ice

"City Lights,” a show produced by former World ice dance champion Ilia Averbukh, will illuminate arenas in Russia once again this fall with performances in Moscow and St. Petersburg. This is just one of the most recent successes of Averbukh’s production...

11/17/11  •  Articles

They Said It!

Patrick Chan was recently awarded three Guinness World records for his record-breaking performances at the 2011 World Championships. When asked by a fan on Facebook why he received these awards, Chan responded with his usual good humor: “I broke the record...


11/16/11  •  Articles

Yuna Kim: Making Music

Yuna Kim has previously lent her voice to several popular songs in her south Korean homeland, but her first connection to a complete album comes from an unexpected genre. “The Queen on ice,” which was released in August, is a classical collection featuring...


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