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06/01/11  •  REFLECTIONS

Johnny Esaw: A Canadian Television Legend

The 2011 World Figure Skating Championships marked the 49th anniversary of the first broadcast of this prestigious event on Canadian television. Figure skating would likely have not made it to the Canadian airwaves when and how it did if were it not for...


05/30/11  •  FEATURES

Tomáš Verner Skates Into Controversy

When Tomáš Verner accepted an invitation to perform at the 20th Paektusan Prize International Figure Skating Festival in February, he had no idea of the furor it would cause in his Czech homeland. Returning to Canada after an Asian tour that included three...


04/08/11  •  FEATURES

Tara Lipinski Comes Full Circle

Tara Lipinski. The very mention of her name conjures up an image of a pixie-like 15-year-old skating to the top of the Olympic podium in 1998. More than a decade and a half later, Lipinski still holds a unique place in the historical record books as the...


04/06/11  •  Flashback

A Juggling Act for Michael Weiss

Michael Weiss has never been one to rest on his laurels. At age 34, the three-time U.S. champion and two-time World bronze medalist is as busy as ever. Weiss splits his time between work and family, and when I caught up with him on the road between skating...


02/02/11  •  FEATURES

A Synchronized World

Synchronized skating is still a very young sport but one that is gaining popularity at an unprecedented pace. It is pretty remarkable to see the rapid expansion of the sport when you consider that only seven countries competed at the first international...


01/19/11  •  Flashback

Catching up With Sébastien Britten

Sébastien Britten has had a full career on the ice: qualifying for the 1994 Olympic team, winning the Canadian men’s title in 1995, and beating out several world and Olympic medalists to take the World Professional men’s title in 1998. So it is not surprising...


01/19/11  •  Flashback

New Directions for Jeffrey Buttle

It seems like yesterday that Jeffrey Buttle climbed to the top of the men’s podium at the 2008 World Figure Skating Championships in Gotenburg, Sweden. When asked to revisit what he felt that night, Buttle hesitated. “It is hard to describe. It was a combination...


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