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The Rockettes execute a wheel.
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The Haydenettes execute a block...
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10/20/12  •  FEATURES

Johnny Weir: He's Back!

After a two and a half year hiatus from the amateur world, Johnny Weir took the first step in his return to the competitive arena at the Finlandia Trophy in early October. While he was excited to show everyone what he has so far accomplished, Weir is not...


08/20/12  •  Articles

Kiira Korpi Back on Track

Elina Paasonen caught up with Kiira Korpi this morning at the airport as Korpi was waiting to board her flight to South Korea. "Kiira is finally healthy and able to practice full blast. She has done a lot of physical therapy, pilates, small exercises, etc...


11/18/11  •  Opening Sequence

Team North America Takes it All

Team North America (Patrick Chan, Jeffrey Buttle, Alissa Czisny and Joannie Rochette) captured the Japan Open title for the first time.


11/15/11  •  SHORT PROGRAM

Kiira Korpi Finds Her Rhythm

Kiira Korpi had the distinction of being Finland’s sole female representative on the senior international circuit last season. After claiming bronze at the European Championships, she placed a disappointing ninth at Worlds. Korpi admitted her showing in...


11/09/11  •  SHORT PROGRAM

Laura Lepistö Overcoming Injuries

It has been a frustrating year for Laura Lepistö. Plagued by a variety of injuries over the past 12 months, Lepistö, the 2009 European champion and 2010 World bronze medalist, was forced to sit out last season. In August 2010, after recovering from an injured...


10/15/11  •  Opening Sequence

Finlandia Fun with Virtue and Moir

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir were all smiles at an impromtu outdoor photo shoot at Finlandia Trophy.


07/16/11  •  FEATURES

Maurizio Margaglio Heads Finland’s Ice Dance Program

When the Finnish Figure Skating Association (FFSA) set its focus on developing the ice dance program at the Helsingfors Skridskoklubb, Finland’s only ice dance club, one major question had to be addressed. Who would they hire to run the program? Susanna...


07/11/11  •  FEATURES

Finland Dominates World Synchro Championships

Synchronized skating celebrated its 12th year on the global stage in early April, and the popularity of the sport was never more evident than at the 2011 World Synchronized Skating Championships, which took place in Helsinki, Finland. With 21 teams from...


02/02/11  •  SHORT PROGRAM

New Direction for Korpi

A trip to the Finnish national team camp in Jyväskylä in August left no doubt that Kiira Korpi is skating better than ever. Watching her execute clean triple-triple combinations one after another was proof positive that she is approaching this season with...

02/11/09  •  Web Exclusive

Laura Lepistö Glides Into History

When the children of the Lepistö family were young they used to climb into bed with their parents on Sunday mornings. One Sunday morning, at age 2, Laura Lepistö walked along her father’s leg like a gymnast on a beam without losing her balance. Her parents...

09/30/08  •  Web Exclusive

Kiira Korpi Season Start Delayed

It seems that Kiira Korpi will not begin her competition season at Finlandia Trophy in Vantaa (Oct. 9-12). Korpi is suffering from an as yet undiagnosed ailment. Her legs have not recovered from hard training, and she has now developed a fever to add to...



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