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08/24/14  •  Articles

Kaitlyn Weaver & Andrew Poje

© Reproduced from the August 2014 issue of IFS The torch is theirs for the taking, and there is no mistaking the opportunity that lies before them. Kaitlyn Weaver and Andrew Poje say they up for the challenge. Knowing that they are following in the footsteps...


07/11/14  •  Articles

Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir

After all the Olympic excitement had subsided, Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir see so much more when they gaze upon the medals they earned at the 2014 Olympic Winter Games. Those shiny pieces of metal might indicate the duo’s placement in the ice dance event...


03/04/14  •  Articles

Patrick Chan: Sitting on the Proverbial Fence

So the guessing game begins anew, the will he or won’t he questions that still surround the future of Patrick Chan. And trust me, the final chapter is far from being written just yet. Oh, sure, the three-time World champion put it out there during a Skate...


01/14/14  •  COVER STORY

Meryl Davis & Charlie White

For more than a decade and half now, they have been an inseparable part of each other’s lives, sharing a singular set of dreams and their own brand of skating magic. Clearly, something special — something uniquely wonderful and rare — exists between reigning...


12/16/13  •  Articles

Skate Canada Celebrates a Centennial

The 2014 Canadian Championships will be much more than a competition to determine who will earn one of the coveted berths on the 2014 Olympic Winter Games team. The 100th year of Canadian Championships will be celebrated in Ottawa and yes, that means a party...


03/19/13  •  Articles

Dancing To a Different Beat

Sometimes, you see the darndest things in an ice dance event. Germany's Nelli Zhiganshina and Alexander Gazsi weren’t anywhere near the podium when all the scores were tallied (they wound up 10th), but they made fans sit up and take notice with their wildly...


03/19/13  •  Articles

Yuna Kim Skates Off With the Golden Crown

They saved the best for last at the 2013 World Figure Skating Championships and no one was disappointed. In the end, three former World champions stood atop the podium. As cliche as it sounds, Yuna Kim’s majestic return to top form — and, not coincidentally...


03/16/13  •  Articles

Ten and Fernández: Historical Firsts

A serious dose of Kazakh pride took over Budweiser Gardens on Friday night. And why not! Their man, Denis Ten, lit up the World Figure Skating Championships for the second time in three nights — this time with a marvellous free skate that put a serious scare...


03/16/13  •  Articles

Max Aaron: Hockey and Figure Skating

Max Aaron’s heart belongs to figure skating these days. But there will always be a special place there for another ice sport that was a huge part of his world for even longer. In fact, if it wasn’t for a major back injury five years ago that changed the...


03/15/13  •  Articles

Dancing On Thin Ice

They’re not exactly worried about being party poopers. But yes, it’s easy to suggest Americans Meryl Davis and Charlie White sucked a little of the air out of the ice dance competition with a sensational short dance performance Thursday night — one that...


03/15/13  •  Articles

Pairs: All About the Partnership

For so many years, they owned the top of the podium. Almost hard to fathom, then, that when Tatiana Volososzhar and Maxim Trankov won the first gold medal of the 2013 World Figure Skating Championships, it marked the first triumph for Russia in the discipline...


03/14/13  •  Articles

Rob's Blog: Backstage With the Men

The quads were flying around Budweiser Gardens on Wednesday night elevating the sport of figure skating right along with it. It was a men’s short program, quite frankly, that just kept getting better and better as the night went on. Just when you thought...


03/14/13  •  Articles

Conversations With Kim, Kostner and Gold

Someday, Gracie Gold might drum up the courage to talk to her idol. Just not yet. The 17-year-old American is making her Worlds debut here in London and, to say she’s in awe of being on the ice with idols such as Yuna Kim and Mao Asada ... well, that might...


03/13/13  •  Articles

Rob's Blog: Around the World in London

Mother Nature, as she often likes to remind us rather tersely in these parts, isn’t done with winter here just yet. A dose of snow, buffeted by high winds, slushy sidewalks ... all of that greeted those folks beating a path to Budweiser Gardens today. But...


02/24/13  •  FEATURES

Emanuel Sandhu

The big tricks were nowhere to be seen and, without them, neither was any real chance to stand on the podium. But none of that mattered to Emanuel Sandhu. He arrived at the Canadian Championships with no quads or triple Axels in his arsenal. Combine that...


02/17/13  •  Articles

New Attitude

Rarely has a changing of the guard been so absolute, so startling — and yes, it must be said — so utterly unexpected. But a new day has clearly dawned in Canadian ladies’ skating. And with that, a level of faith and optimism in the overall state of the discipline...


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