Kimmie Meissner Celebrates

Her 23rd Birthday in Japan

I can’t believe Medal Winners Open has come and gone. I feel like it was fast approaching and even faster leaving. I had so much fun in Japan and was so honored to be part of the event! I heard a lot of people saying it was the best weekend of skating they’ve ever seen and I’d have to agree.

There were Olympic champions, World champions, national champions, and Olympic team members there. All at the same time and not only skating, but competing in the same event. It’ll be hard to top the level of skating that was seen this past weekend I believe and to have been one of those skaters gives me the chills.

Aside from the skating, these people are just really top-notch human beings. We are like one big, crazy family and while we are all so competitive, we are also very supportive of one another. It’s really a beautiful thing! I turned 23 while over there and it was strange to be so far away from my family during my birthday. However, these wonderful people made me feel loved and sang happy birthday to me after the first practice I had.

Embarrassing…yes, but incredibly thoughtful and I’m so thankful they did! There was a wonderful cake that accompanied the singing, but no one had a bite of it because we were all competing the next day. LOL. I did get a great picture of it though, so it will be forever captured in all of it’s untouched beauty!

There are two moments that stood out to me and the first one was Jeffrey Buttle’s performance in both competitions really, but especially in the Japan Open. I’ve always admired his skating, but this weekend I feel like he took a step up in many different ways. Not only did he perform an exquisite program that won the Medal Winners Open, he competed the next day in the Japan Open with a flawless long program! I had chills watching him and the audience was on their feet before the music finished. He could go right back into competition again and have no problem. I snapped a pic of him halfway through his program and swiftly got yelled at for taking a picture.

My other moment, was watching Philippe Candeloro skate in the exhibition. He skated right before me and I had never seen him skate live before! The audience was going crazy and I almost forgot that I still had to skate!

So this wraps up my blogs of Medal Winners Open and Japan Open. It was such an honor to see all these skaters live and to perform alongside them.

Here’s to next year!