Worldly Changes at the ISU


At the 2012 International Skating Union (ISU) Congress last June, members voted to eliminate the preliminary rounds at all ISU Championships.

This threw a monkey wrench into Skate Canada’s organizational and ticketing plans for the 2013 World Championships, requiring a last-minute reworking which caused a delay in tickets going on sale.

At Congress, members were given the option of eliminating the preliminary rounds completely or retaining them in their existing form. There was no other proposal; it was a simple either-or vote; keep the preliminary rounds in their existing form or eliminate them. Members voted to eliminate them.

But, if qualification for the 2013 World Championships remains based on the scores from 2012 Worlds, skaters such as Jeremy Abbott and Mao Asada would not meet the threshhold and will therefore be ineligible to compete.

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Originally published in December 2012