Saturday Night at the Movies

Hosted by Nick Pilgrim

Yuzuru Hanyu

In the lead up to next week's Grand Prix Final in Sochi, Russia, two young singles skaters surge into the event having stood at the top of their games and the leader board respectively this season.

Fire On Ice

Yuzuru Hanyu is a big part of the impressive stronghold Japanese men now have on the international skating circuit.

With an artistic sensibility similar in style and flavour to America's Johnny Weir, the teenager already possesed a technical merit that packed an almighty punch.

In his first season at the senior championship level, he won silver at 2011 Four Continents, and followed that up with an unexpected (but well deserved) bronze medal at the World Championships a year later.

Here, as a 12-year-old prodigy at the national novice level, Hanyu whips through triple after triple with the greatest of ease. This confidence allowed him to concentrate on Stravinsky's powerful "Firebird Suite," his presentation skills already a sign of things to come.

The 'It' Girl Finds Her Feet

For years America's Ashley Wagner battled a deep talent pool at the national level - as well as her own nerves. That is...before 2012 became the break-out season she so desperately craved.

Already known as a strong technician, once she combined that with a commanding on-ice style, Wagner's international career truly took off.

Skating to selections by George Gershwin, this early performance from the 2007 World Junior Championships shows the grit, self-awareness and refreshing determination that clearly hints at a superstar in the making.

Like Germany's Tanja Szewczenko, Switzerland's Denise Biellmann, and America's Todd Eldredge and Rudy Galindo, Wagner is also a 'lefty' who jumps and spins clockwise.