Russia Dominates the Junior Showdown

Vicki S. Luy
America's Nathan Chen was the highest scorer in the men's field.

The Russian team was a force to be reckoned with on the Junior Grand Prix circuit this season.

Russia will field 13 skaters in all four disciplines at the Junior Grand Prix Final. The United States has six skaters contesting three events; two skaters from Japan qualified in the men’s event; China has one representative in each of the men’s and pairs disciplines.

As with their senior counterparts, four Russian ladies qualified for the Final. The other two entries represent the United States.

China ranked first in the pairs event followed by five Russian teams.

Ukraine spoiled what would have likely been a Russia/USA showdown in the ice dance event.


Nathan Chen USA 30 points
Keiki Tanaka JPN 30 points
Boyang Jin CHN 30 points
Adian Pitkeev RUS 28 points
Alexander Petrov RUS 26 points
Ryuju Hino JPN 26 points


Evgenia Medvedeva RUS 30 points
Polina Edmunds USA 30 points
Alexandra Proklova RUS 28 points
Maria Sotskova RUS 26 points
Serafima Sakhanovich RUS 24 points
Angela Wang USA 20 points


Xiaoyu Yu /Yang Jin CHN 30 points
Lina Federova / Maxim Miroshkin RUS 28 points
Maria Vigalova / Egor Zakroev RUS 26 points
Kamila Gainetdinova / Ivan Bich RUS 26 points
Evgenia Tarasova / Vladimir Morozov RUS 24 points
Vasilisa Davankova / Andrei Deputat RUS 24 points


Anna Yanovskaya / Sergey Mozgov RUS 30 points
Kaitlin Hawayek / Lean-Luc Baker USA 30 points
Lorraine McNamara / Quinn Carpenter USA 28 points
Betina Popova / Yuri Vlasenko RUS 28 points
Alexandra Nazarova / Maxim Nikitin UKR 26 points
Rachel Parsons / Michael Parsons USA 26 points