Patrick Chan: Taking Control

Skate Canada/Luca Ragogna

Somewhere between emotion and analysis, Chan realized after the 2010 Games that he still had much more to give, so many things to discover and so much more to learn.

And he will tell you today that there are still plenty more goals to chase. More ways for him to leave an imprint on the sport he loves so much and to make it a better world for all who follow in his footsteps — maybe even some who are inspired to lace up a pair of skates because of something they saw him do.

“If you asked me the day before my long program, I would have said, ‘No, I’m probably done after this,’” the 21-year-old said of the moment at the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games when he almost hung up his skates for good. “But things change. If I had quit then, it would have been the worst decision of my life, because so much more has happened.

Originally published in December 2012