News Briefs From Around The Globe

04/22/15  •  Articles

News Briefs From Around The Globe

Wylie Recovering Paul Wylie, 50, suffered a heart problem on Tuesday while exercising with friends and was rushed to a hospital...

Piper Gilles Seeking Donations

04/20/15  •  Articles

Piper Gilles Seeking Donations

Piper Gilles has taken on the role of official spokesperson for the Ontario Branch of the International Dyslexia Association (ONBIDA...

Ami Koga & Francis Boudreau-Audet

04/16/15  •  Articles

Ami Koga & Francis Boudreau-Audet

After skating together for just two seasons, Japan’s Ami Koga, 16, and Francis Boudreau-Audet, 21, will make their senior debut...

Quads or Triple Axels? What The Rising Stars Had to Say

03/19/15  •  Articles

Quads or Triple Axels? What The Rising Stars Had to Say

Hiro Yoshida asked Shoma Uno and Adian Pitkeev at the press conference after the short about including quads in their short programs...

Adam Rippon: A Blend of Honesty and Humor

03/18/15  •  Articles

Adam Rippon: A Blend of Honesty and Humor

Adam Rippon spoke to the press today about his season and his preparation for Worlds. Here are some of his notable quotes: "It takes...



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