Selection Criteria

Skaters are invited to the 2017 Grand Prix Series based on the results of the 2017 World Championships. Skaters and/or teams that placed one to six in each of the four disciplines are seeded and assigned to two events.

Skaters and/or couples that placed seven to 12 at the 2017 World Championships are also eligible for two Grand Prix events. Skaters with a top 24 high season’s best score, as well as those that placed in the top 24 in the World Standings can also be invited. Medalists from the World Junior Championships and the gold medalists from the Junior Grand Prix Final are also eligible for selection.

In order for a skater and/or team to earn a spot at a Grand Prix event, the minimum total score or the minimum technical score must have been achieved in the previous or current season at an ISU event (Grand Prix, Junior Grand Prix, Championships, the World Team Trophy or at defined ISU international competitions). Exceptions apply to skaters from the host country, previously ranked skaters and/or teams and teams that split and returned with new partners.

Singles skaters are awarded points as follows (points are only awarded to pairs and ice dance teams up to 6th place):
1st place – 15 
2nd place – 13 
3rd place – 11
4th place – 9 
5th place – 7
6th place – 5
7th place – 4
8th place – 3