Hockey Skates vs. Figure Skates – What is the Difference?

Hockey Skates vs Figure Skates

The world of ice skating is vast and diverse, and for many, the nuanced differences between the types of skates might seem insignificant. However, these differences define the art and sport itself. If you’ve ever wondered what separates hockey skates from figure skates, you’ve come to the right place. Today we’ll talk about the distinctions … Read more

How to Sharpen Your Ice Skates Like a Pro – Techniques for Peak Performance

Sharpen Your Ice Skates

Ice skating is not just about the grace or the thrill; it’s also about the precision with which your blades meet the ice. The quality of that interaction often depends on how sharp and well-maintained your blades are. Whether you’re a beginner, a recreational skater, or an aspiring professional, understanding the art of skate sharpening … Read more