Daisuke Takahashi is returning to the competitive arena for the 2018-2019 season. His final season (2013-2014) was marred by injuries, which prevented him from training and preparing for the 2014 Olympic Winter Games the way he needed to. The 32-year-old left the competitive arena following his experiences in Sochi and moved into new careers as a stage dancer and television commentator. But, the hunger and desire to complete his career on his own terms was always close to the surface and following 2018 Japanese nationals, Takahashi decided to return to the competitive ranks one last time. “To have a comeback, you have to have a setback.”

A look back at one of the Japanese star’s  all-time classic programs “Blues for Kook” from the 2012 Grand Prix Final in Sochi, Russia. 


Video clip of “THE SHELTERING SKY”

Daisuke Takahashi