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IFS OCTOBER 2019A year has passed since the world learned of the tragic death of Denis Ten on July 19, 2018. Despite their grief, his parents, Oksana and Juri, have vowed to continue the projects their son had started, and to fulfill his dreams through the Denis Ten Foundation. Family friends, skaters, coaches and skating officials attended in Almaty, Kazakhstan, to honor and reflect on Ten’s life and legacy. A skating gala, “Friends of Denis,” was held July 20 with 12,000 people in attendance. 


IFS October 2019 
It has been 17 years since Russia’s Alexei Yagudin mined Olympic gold on American soil.
So much has changed in the life of the decorated champion since that magical night in Salt Lake City.



Four-time World ice dance champions Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron
are set to surprise this season with a free dance that is a step out of the box for them


In 2015, Joannie Rochette entered McGill University, fulfilling a life-long desire to study medicine.
The sparkling costumes she once wore have been replaced by a plain white lab coat.

IFS October 2019

Line-ups and previews of the first three competitions of the Grand Prix Series.


Canada’s rising star talks about his move to the U.S. and training alongside Nathan Chen under coach Rafael Arutyunyan. 

Last season, Nicole Della Monica and Matteo Guarise brought the discipline into the limelight
in their homeland, and wrote their own piece of skating history when they became the first
Italian pairs team to ever qualify for a Grand Prix Final.


IFS October 2019

Kurt Browning attended his Order of Canada ceremony in early July — 29 years after he was awarded the honor.