Former British singles champion Jenna McCorkell will debut her new clothing line, Chique Sport, at the World Championships in Helsinki next week.

McCorkell’s collection, tailored specifically for figure skaters, includes colored tank tops, long sleeved tops, zipped jackets with a micro-fleece lining, a down coat and body warmer, plus a selection of over the boot leggings with cut resistant panels.

“During my time as a skater and even now as a coach, I am often irritated by holes at the ankles of my leggings from the blades cutting the fabric,” McCorkell said.

“I incorporated a panel of cut resistant fabric into the design of my leggings, something that is unique to Chique Sport.”

McCorkell started putting her business plan together during her final competitive season in 2014. “I knew that I wanted to set myself a new goal that would challenge me and would satisfy my ambition,’ the 30-year-old said. “As soon as that season ended, I jumped in straight away.

“The ideas started to flow and I began illustrating. I spent most of the first year researching design and manufacture of sportswear, and then in 2015 I started to focus on the first collection — the styles, colors and the direction I wanted to take it in. Last year, I established the brand and started liaising with factories and sampling fabrics.”

Chique Sport is available in adult sizes for ladies (XS-L) and for children aged 6-14. The collection will be available globally online at after the 2017 World Championships have concluded.

“I am thrilled to be launching Chique Sport at Worlds in Helsinki. I have so many ideas and plans for expansion into other sports, too, so this is hopefully just the beginning!”

You can find the Chique Sport boutique booth on the concourse at the Hartwell Arena.