Tessa Virtue/Scott Moir set a new World record in the short dance at 2017 Skate Canada International, which took place Regina, Saskatchewan in mid-October.

Virtue and Moir earned 82.68 points beating their own record set at the 2017 World Championships six months earlier.

″It was a great short for us,’’ said Moir. ″We’ve been working hard on it technically. We felt we were both able to execute and get into the performance of the program.’’

Skating to music from ″Moulin Rouge’’ the Canadian duo scored 199.86 points in the free dance, once again setting a new World record, 1.24 points higher than the one they set at 2017 Worlds in Helsinki. The duo captured their seventh and final Skate Canada title in a runaway victory. ″We’re different athletes, we’re different people,’’ Virtue said. ″We’re just in a different place in how we feel on our skates, and how we feel on the ice. It’s nice when that feels like home.’’

Virtue and Moir said records are not important at this point in their career, but said their friends and family think what they are doing is impressive. Virtue sees it as a validation that they are on the right track.

″I think that world record will get beat a couple of times this year,’’ said Moir. ″It’s nice to see on the scoreboard, but we know that’s going to change.’’