Alexei Mishin is a legend in the world of figure skating. From his early days as a competitor through his long and distinguished career as a coach of World and Olympic champions, he has earned the respect of the global skating community.

The life story of Alexei Mishin opens with childhood recollections of skating behind moving trucks, his early years as a coach behind the Iron Curtain, and the ups and downs of the ensuing decades that brought him to where he is today.

This memoir also provides an intriguing insight into what, for the most part, was the unknown world of figure skating in the Soviet Union, and lays bare the politics and policies that ruled his life during that era.

Known for his good humor and sharp wit, this book is an entertaining and engaging recount of his life and career. 

eBook | €8.50 (Euro)
Pages: 166

Publisher: Laurea Media
Date: July 2021
Language: English

“A really enjoyable book that provides an insight into
skating history
in a part of the world that previously was
hidden and very little was
known about. Though we saw
the people that Alexei speaks about
in this book, we did
not have any context as to what they meant to
Soviet/Russian figure skating system. Now we have
some context.
”   Ted Barton