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Editorial Policy

Our Commitment

At IFS Magazine, we are dedicated to providing our readers with the most accurate, insightful, and comprehensive coverage of ice sports. Our content spans figure skating, ice hockey, speed skating, and related disciplines, offering a blend of news, interviews, analysis, and features.

Accuracy and Integrity


Every piece of content undergoes rigorous fact-checking. We verify dates, statistics, historical references, and quotes to ensure accuracy.

Expert Review:

Articles, especially those covering technical aspects of ice sports, are reviewed by experts in the field to guarantee reliability.

Clear Sourcing:

We cite sources, whether they are interviews, press releases, or data from reputable sports organizations.

Content Creation and Review

Diverse Voices:

We prioritize diversity in our content creation, featuring a range of voices from different cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives within the ice sports community.

Engaging and Educational:

Our content aims to be both engaging and educational, catering to both enthusiasts and newcomers to ice sports.


We maintain authenticity in our reporting, avoiding sensationalism and respecting the dignity of the athletes and individuals involved.

No Plagiarism

We have a zero-tolerance policy for plagiarism. All content must be original and properly credited.

Updates and Corrections

Timely Updates

We promptly update content if new information becomes available or if errors are identified.

Transparent Corrections

Should any inaccuracies slip through, we will issue corrections transparently, noting the changes made to the original content.

User Engagement

Feedback Mechanism

We encourage reader feedback and provide easy means for our audience to reach us with comments or concerns.

Responsive to Trends

We stay attuned to the evolving interests and needs of the ice sports community, adapting our content accordingly.

Final Note

At IFS Magazine, our passion for ice sports drives our commitment to these editorial standards. Our mission is to be a trusted source in the world of ice sports, celebrating its beauty, complexity, and the vibrant community around it.

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