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11/15/11  •  Articles

Yuna Kim Fever

When a friend of mine moved to Korea, she emailed me asking if i knew “the ice skater that everyone over here loves.” Of course she meant Yuna Kim, whose success has made her a superstar not only at home, but around the globe. Some of her adoring fans are...

11/07/11  •  Articles

Russian Insight

My interest in the Russian language has its roots in all the figure skating I watched as a child. Two decades later, Russians are still among the sport’s leaders, and so i was pleased that the years I spent studying the complicated grammar structure helped...

11/05/11  •  Articles

Memorable Tweets

J3r3bear (Jeremy Ten): Who forgets about parking their car at a skytrain and busses home only to remember when parents ask “Where’s your car?”... me. #imspecial AlexShibutani: as our cma/emmy winning series returns (educational tweet series), @charlieaWhite...

10/29/11  •  Articles

Evening With Champions

To Celebrate its 41st anniversary, “an Evening With Champions” invited a star-studded cast that prompted an unprecedented sellout of regular admission tickets nearly two months ahead of the show. Probably offering the most star power was Yuna Kim, but the...


09/05/11  •  Articles

Yuna Kim: Reality TV Korean Style

Not even the star power of Yuna Kim has been able to turn South Korea’s first figure skating reality show into a smash hit. While “Kim Yuna’s Kiss and Cry” has received reasonable ratings, the production has not hit the level of “American Idol” — yet. The...


09/04/11  •  Articles

Patrick Chan Quite Simply

Patrick Chan's official website ( was given a makeover after the 2011 World Championships. His new title is proclaimed in a simple, block-lettered heading. The streamlined design in red and black is easy to navigate, but for me, it is a little...


08/31/11  •  Articles

Jump Simulation Technology: Seeing is Believing

A new research tool developed by scientists at the University of Delaware is starting to play a major role in helping american skaters improve their jumping technique. Professor Jim Richards, simulation expert Tom Kepple and a research team have developed...


08/30/11  •  Articles

Book Review: Historical Dictionary of Figure Skating

FOR ALL THE TIMES when you can’t remember who won the 1980 olympic bronze medal in ice dance or any other interesting detail, a new resource has come onto the market. James R. Hines’ “Historical Dictionary of Figure Skating” provides the most thoroughly...


08/27/11  •  Articles

Facebook the French Way

French ice Dance champions Nathalie Péchalat and Fabian Bourzat should give master classes on how to run an effective Facebook page. With almost 4,000 “likes” at press time, their page (échalat- Fabian-Bourzat/181962471187) is...


08/25/11  •  Articles

Book Review: "Skating on Air"

I grew up in the golden age of televised skating in the United States. Every weekend, from the comfort of my living room sofa, i would soak in the glamour of the skating world. Those of us who recall those glory days are often frustrated by the effort it...


08/19/11  •  Articles

Takahiko Kozuka Online

A NEW OFFICIAL SITE for Japan’s Takahiko Kozuka, the runner-up to Patrick Chan at the 2011 World Championships, was launched shortly after his success in Moscow (t-kozuka. com). While the text is in Japanese, English speakers can review the menu and view...


08/14/11  •  Articles

Michael Weiss: Giving Back

Three-time U.S. champion Michael Weiss has been actively investing in the future of the sport since his retirement from the amateur world. Since 2004, the Michael Weiss Foundation has provided financial funding for young, talented American skaters to help...

08/03/11  •  Articles

Facebook Celebration for Kaitlyn Weaver and Andrew Poje

Kaitlyn Weaver and Andrew Poje’s Facebook page ( was also a flurry of activity during the World Championships and in the weeks that followed their fifth-place finish. The fan-maintained portal is updated regularly with new...

08/02/11  •  Articles

World Figure Skating Championships Online Videos

If you missed the World Championships in April, or maybe just want to relive some of your favorite moments, you can find a number of the top performances on YouTube. Did you miss Ando’s gentle short program? Catch it here: Watch...


08/02/11  •  Articles

Kristi Yamaguchi Inspires a New Generation

I was a little girl when Kristi Yamaguchi won the gold medal at the 1992 Olympic Winter Games. Her win made such an impact on me. I bought my first copy of Sports Illustrated, danced around my living room to the strains of “Malaguena” and tried (and failed...


07/19/11  •  Articles

“Skating on Thin Ice” by Jessica Fletcher

I’ll be honest: the last time I recall watching “Murder, She Wrote” was at least ten years ago, sitting next to my grandmother on her floral-print sofa. I never objected to watching the show with her, though it wasn’t something that I followed when I went...


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